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*Tuna is wild caught in Oregon. Salmon is wild caught in either Oregon or Alaska.
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Albacore sold on this site was wild caught off the Oregon Coast
Salmon was wild caught either off the Oregon Coast or Alaska  
All fish processed and canned by Oregon Seafoods, Coos Bay, Oregon
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  We are a small family-owned business on the Oregon Coast. The cannery that we partner with is also a small business here on the coast, as are the Oregon tuna fishermen, who generally fish from small, family-owned boats. Everyone involved in this local chain strives to bring you the very best seafood, caught in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Should you find any issues with our product, or have any questions in general, please let us know by filling out and sending the form below. Because we work closely with the cannery, we are able to have adjustments made to the canning process based on your feedback.

Not everyone lives near the coast, but even if you live far away and buy from us, you can still feel a part of this local chain. You can communicate with us directly, and we are in local contact with the cannery and the fishermen, so you are part of this small community. You will not be dealing with large anonymous supermarkets and multiple layers of unknown distributors.

Also see answers to common questions further down this page. 
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Answers to Common Questions
  How long is the shelf life of your cans? 
Unopened, undamaged cans can last 5 to 10 years without refrigeration and without noticeable loss in flavor. Once a can is opened, leftover tuna should be placed in the refrigerator, either in the original can or in another container, and consumed within a few days.  
  Are there any artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers in these cans?
Nope. It's 100% pure goodness. Not even water is added -- ever noticed how much tuna you have left in typical water-packed tuna after you press the water out? Both tuna and salmon in our cans are packed in their own oils and juices and cooked just once to preserve flavor. Of course, the can may also include the spices, salt, olive oil, etc. to create the special flavors offered in our can varieties. In each case, only natural, high-quality ingredients are added.
  The Seafood Watch chart on your front page lists albacore tuna as a Best Choice, but I read somewhere that albacore had higher levels of mercury? 
The higher levels of mercury you read about apply to older albacore, common in supermarket cans, and typically caught by mid-Pacific fleets using different fishing methods. That albacore is listed under Avoid in the chart. The albacore in our cans comes from younger fish caught manually by troll or pole off the coast of Oregon. These younger fish contain lower levels of mercury that are comparable to the lower levels found in skipjack tuna. But most skipjack is caught by longlines and seine nets, which trap and kill other sea life (bycatch), so are not considered a good environmental choice. Oregon albacore is caught by single line, with near zero bycatch, and has lower mercury, so it's considered by many as the best tuna choice.   
  You say Oregon Albacore is caught by troll or line? But I thought trolling was bad for the marine environment. 
You may be thinking of trawling, a sometimes controversial practice that may involve dragging a net through the bottom of the ocean. Trolling, on the other hand, is just pulling a fishing line with a lure or a baited hook behind a boat to catch predator fish like tuna. This is considered a very sustainable practice with minimal environmental impact, hence the positive ratings.
  Why are some of your salmon from Alaska? Isn't Oregon also big on salmon?
Oregon is a premium destination for salmon sport fishing, but our commercial salmon fisheries is relatively small. About 75 times smaller by weight in landings than the albacore fisheries. So, Oregon-caught salmon is not always available for commercial canning. Nevertheless, we wanted to give you extra options to mix and match our cans, and Alaska wild-caught salmon is also rated a Best Choice sustainable fishery, so it is a good option. Alaskan salmon is bought in bulk and canned locally out here on the Oregon coast, so it still contributes to our local economy.
  Is it possible to know which of your salmon is from Oregon and which is from Alaska? 
Not at this time for our current stock. But we are working with the cannery to be able to include this information sometime in the near future.
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